Retreat Intention Setting Questionnaire 

After booking your first retreat, you may have many questions on your mind. You may wonder how to plan a yoga retreat, how to prepare for a yoga retreat and how to get the most out of a yoga retreat. There simply isn’t just one correct way to prepare for a yoga retreat, but from our experience, we have found that guests who are coming with a clear intention are usually the ones who get the most out of their time retreating with us. Therefore, taking time to journal and set intention for a yoga retreat can be very beneficial. To help you to prepare for a yoga retreat, we have put together a little questionnaire to help you get clear about your personal intentions and get you in the mood whilst counting down the days!

What is an intention?

An “Intention is the starting point of a dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love.” – Deepak Chopra.

Intentions are desires and dreams which you want to attract and call into your life. Essentially, an intention is a goal, purpose, or aim that is actively brought up and manifested in your life. By attracting your desires and dreams, you are aligning with your values and core purpose which, in turn, helps you to find and create a meaningful life.

Setting intention for a yoga retreat

Our clients come to our retreats with different perspectives, ideas and intentions. We hope filling out the questionnaire and pondering some important life questions serves as a tool to explore your own ideas, thoughts and feelings more closely. This will help you tune in with yourself, raise awareness and gain clarity before coming to the retreat. We recommend taking time to set intention for a yoga retreat by going through the questionnaire thoroughly and as truthfully as you can.

This activity is by no means mandatory, but we can’t emphasize enough how much we recommend taking a little bit of time to ponder what it is that brings you to the retreat as we have found it to be extremely useful for our past clients. This questionnaire is for your personal use only and is absolutely confidential. Though in case you would like to share your ideas or seek more guidance to make the most out of a yoga retreat, you are more than welcome to share your thoughts with our team, and we might be able to assist you to fulfil your intentions!

Happy journaling!

Mahakala Intention Setting Questionnaire

1.What makes you happy and brings you a sense of fulfilment?

2.What are you most grateful for in your life?

3.What activities are meaningful to you? What makes you feel alive?

4.How do you want to feel on a daily basis? What needs to happen that you can feel that way?

5.Who do you aspire to become? Who do you need to become to achieve it?

6.What is it that currently occupies the majority of your time and effort?

7.Your top three goals at the moment (either long term or short term)?




8.In order to achieve your goals, what do you need to let go of? 

9.Complete the sentences below (You can write anything that comes to your mind!).

I am …

I can ….

I can‘t …

I always …

I never …

I wish …

10. What would you like to learn at Mahakala?

11. What are you seeking to gain out of the experience? (this could be a feeling e.g. “I want to feel deeply relaxed”, “I want to feel connected with my body and spirit” or “I want to learn about yoga/healthy diet”, “I want to make new friends” – or anything else that you wish to get out of your stay at Mahakala) ! 

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